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By means of his registration, the competitor declares for himself and for his drivers, passengers, car's owner or representatives, to acknowledge and accept the provisions of the Rally's regulations, and he also states that he renounces to place any claims, for whatever reasons, at courts or arbitrators for facts deriving from the organization and the course of the Rally. Moreover, the associate declares that he acknowledges no liability to the organizing body which is also the sponsor, as well as to ASI, ACI, FIVA, CRAME, Scuderia Romagna, and also to all the owners and managers of the streets we will drive on, as well as the people from the organization staff in case of possible damages occurred during the rally and affecting the drivers, the passengers, the car owners' workers or in case of damages produced or caused to third parties or to the belongings of third parties by the same participant, his drivers, passengers or workers. Pursuant to art. 13 of EU Reg. 2016/679 in relation to the registration to the race in question the Competitor and drivers take note that personal data provided in this registration form will be processed for contractual management and its related obligations of law and/or contract referred to point a) of the information on the processing of personal data.
With reference to point b) and c) of the information on the processing of personal data